This document is a legal contract between you (end user either as a natural person or representative of a company or institution) and Digital Foundry (diFo).

When you buy any of our fonts, what you buy is a license for non-exclusive use of the typographic software that we manufacture.

The main EULA objective is to describe clearly and concisely the characteristics, possibilities and restrictions of the font software licenses designed, manufactured, and distributed by Digital Foundry. Consider font software provided by diFo is intended to be installed on a limited quantity of computers, defined at the purchase of the font license.

By purchasing, downloading and installing the fonts distributed by Digital Foundry, the end user assumes that has read, understood and agreed to the terms of this agreement, which is governed by the laws of Chile.


diFo: abbreviation of Digital Foundry, company of Design, Edition, Production, Manufacture and Distribution of original digital fonts.

End-user (or you): is defined as the customer who has purchased a license to use a diFo font. An end user is NOT understood as a distributor, reseller, original equipment manufacturer, wholesale buyer or any other similar entity. DiFo fonts or any product marketed by diFo shall not be distributed and/or sold to third parties without the prior written consent of Digital Foundry.

Font (or fonts): for the purposes of this license, a ‘font’ is defined as the font software, its design and all supplementary materials provided along with the font files, as well as any future version or update. We use diFo fonts, for short when we refer to a typeface published by us.

Sales receipt: electronic document that you receive as confirmation of the purchased fonts.

General terms

Our standard license allows the user to install and use the fonts on computers (desktops and/or laptops), websites, e-books and mobile applications. It’s meant to be easy to use: you pay once based on the type of license that reflects the scale of use of the fonts. If you overcome the limitations of the current license, all you need to do is contact us to update your license and pay the difference.

We have defined four types of standard licenses that can be choose at the time of purchasing the font. The types of standard licenses that we offer obey to the most frequent uses in graphic design today: Individual, Small, Medium & Large. If you need a more extensive or specific license, please contact us directly to review the case and offer you a custom license.

License update: In case you exceed the limit of use of your original license, you must buy an update that adapt to to suit your new requirements.

Trial fonts: if the sales receipt says ‘For testing purposes only’ or does not define explicitly product restrictions, you must use the fonts only for internal testing purposes and update to a full and appropriate license before submitting or publishing any work.

Special uses: if you wish to use a diFo font in a way that is not identified in this document, please contact us with your request, we will find the best license for your needs.

After-sale service: If there is any flaw with a font, you must contact us explaining in detail the problem and attaching your sales receipt. We will respond with a solution within 2 business days.

Returns and refunds: Due to the nature of the fonts, Digital Foundry can not return or refund money for a sale made.

Protection: the diFo fonts are protected by the copyright laws of Chile.

Main restrictions


The user must not, under any circumstances, resell, distribute, send or share the font files to third parties outside the range given by the purchased license.


The user must not, under any circumstance, totally or partially alter the font files and their content with the aim of reselling, distributing, sending or sharing to third parties outside the range of acquired license. However, you are allow to derivative works with the glyphs as a drawing, for example in logotypes designs.


The end user must not transfer the license acquired to third parties not included in the initial purchase. For example, if you designed a document or graphic piece with a diFo font for any of your clients, and the client requires the fonts for future applications, they must license the font on their behalf. You are not authorized to waive the ownership of the license to transfer it. If you have a particular need in which you need to transfer a diFo license, please contact us to review the case and help you find a suitable solution for all parties.


Digital Foundry declares and guarantees that diFo fonts are designed and produced to perform according to the technical standards necessary for the production and design of communication pieces in any format or medium. diFo and its suppliers do not guarantee or can guarantee the performance or results obtained when using diFo fonts. It is your responsibility to make sure that the fonts are useful and fit with your purposes.

Digital Foundry or any of the natural persons that work with us in the font software manufacturing process, are not susceptible, under any circumstance, to being harmed or sued for the use given to diFo fonts.


This license becomes null and void if any of the above conditions are not met.