Digital Foundry design & manufacture retail and custom font softwares of high quality and perform at an accessible cost.

We aim to focus on the needs of daily communication, offering a diverse catalog with fonts that do the hard work for the large corporate environment, with many different formats and requirements (like Frugal Grotesque, Lira Sans, and Modérnica); and fonts that have a more relaxed style and charm, which you can use to make the difference in your graphic work (like Chupilca, Mazúrquica, RunRun Sans, and Tomasa). In addition, we enjoy design icon systems to complement and expand the graphic possibilities of our typefaces (like Vivaceta, and Mazúrquica Picto). We hope you love working with our typefaces <3

We look forward to work with many talented type designers from all around to offer a diverse, suite, and bold font catalogue. Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

Digital Foundry was founded in the internet in early 2019 by Guido Ferreyra, Francisco Gálvez Pizarro, and Javier Quintana Godoy.

Custom Fonts and services

At Digital Foundry, in addition to distributing and commercializing retail fonts globally, we are a studio specialized in issues related to the design and production of custom digital fonts, custom logotype and lettering design, type consultancy and digital fonts technology.

As we are trained in design, we are always interested in solving problems in a thoughtful, efficient and aesthetic way. If you have a project in which you think that our skills can be useful, please write to [email protected]

Guido Ferreyra

Graphic Designer and programmer. Partner at Digital Foundry. His works focuses at the intersection between type and software. He helps other designers and type foundries to solve problems and improve their productivity trough the definition of workflows and developing ad-hoc tools. Bridging the gap between design ideas and final quality products. He has participed in several conferences and events giving workshops and lectures about programming applied to design and font development.
More of his works can be found at

Francisco Gálvez Pizarro

Graphic designer, typographer and type designer. Partner at Digital Foundry. Collaborator of PampaType where he published the fonts Amster and Chercán. Professor of the Chair of Typography, Design Workshop and Diploma in Typography of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Altazor Award in the category of Graphic Design and Illustration, for the typeface elemental, Santiago of Chile. ‘Gold Prize’ at the Morisawa International Typeface Design Competition for Australis typeface, Tokyo, Japan. Author of the books “Educación tipográfica” and “Hacer y componer”.

Javier Quintana Godoy

Typographer and Type designer. His work focuses on type design, editorial and logo design. Partner at Digital Foundry. Collaborator of PampaType. Professor of the Diploma in Typography of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Winner of the Amster-Coré prize for the design of the book “Por la güeya del Matadero”. He is the author of the following typefaces: Atalanta, Berenjena, Cordillera, Lira Sans, Mazúrquica, Modérnica and Violeta. Together with Sergio Ramírez they have published “Cosas que se puede hacer en este mundo” and developed pictogram design projects such as Mazúrquica Picto and Vivaceta.